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Lawyer Meng Zhang
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Personal Profile

Lawyer Meng Zhang, graduated from Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, Full-time Lawyer of Shanghai Conshine Law Firm now. During her practice, she participates in handling many arbitration and litigation cases, involving civiland commercial disputes such as labor disputes, contract disputes, inheritance, marriage and family, equity transfer, traffic accidents, creditor's rights and debts, etc., as well as many criminal cases such as producing and selling fake and inferior products and opening casinos, and she is unanimously recognized by the parties. Before becoming a full-time lawyer, she worked as a company lawyer. After working as a full-time lawyer, she also accumulated a lot of experience in non-litigation. She is good at drafting and reviewing various corporate contracts, changing various matters of companies, managing and controlling risks of corporates, etc., and provides perennial legal services for many corporates and institutions.

Fields of Expertise: Labor disputes, contract disputes, infringement disputes, traffic accidents, personal injury compensation, inheritance, marriage and family, equity transfer and other civil and commercial fields;Criminal defense; Drafting and reviewing contracts; Perennial legal adviser of companies.
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