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Lawyer Xintian Zhang
Deputy Chief Lawyer, Senior Partner and Head of Foreign-related Legal Services of Shanghai Conshine Law Firm
Profession:Corporate law, labor and personnel, real estate contract disputes, demolition disputes, marriage disputes, inheritance disputes
Personal profile

Lawyer Xintian Zhang is currently the Deputy Chief Lawyer, Senior Partner and Head of Foreign-related Legal Services of Shanghai Conshine Law Firm. Lawyer Zhang graduated from Kent University in England, majoring in Civil and Commercial Law as an undergraduate and International Economic Law as a graduate, and has many years of experience in civil and commercial legal services and foreign-related legal services. Lawyer Zhang can communicate with foreign clients in English without barriers, and provide drafting and revision services of English legal documents.

For domestic and foreign corporates -

1. Lawyer Zhang has provided daily legal services for hundreds of consulting units in various types such as various trade-oriented corporates (health care products, daily necessities, cosmetics, clothing, electrical appliances, furniture), catering, logistics, film and television, media, games and animation, medical beauty, construction corporates (architectural design, planning and design, interior design), e-commerce platforms, franchise chains, public relations companies, information technology, etc. With her rich work experience, Lawyer Zhang's service is meticulous and thoughtful. Lawyer Zhang treats every legal document and every consultation of customers equally no matter the size of the corporate.2. Project service experience: Lawyer Xintian Zhang has participated in the early due diligence of listed companies, mergers and acquisitions, fund manager filing and other projects for many times.

为个人 —

1.Lawyer Xintian Zhang has rich experience in litigation and mediation of marriage disputes, inheritance disputes, demolition disputes and real estate sales disputes, as well as a deep understanding of the actual situation of relevant laws and judicial practice.Examples of successful cases:(1) Zhao's dispute case over demolition involved complex facts such as demolition, inheritance and the death of the lessee of public housing. After analysis, Lawyer Zhang confirmed that Zhao, as the heir of the lessee of public housing, enjoyed the benefits of demolition, and helped the party win the share through active efforts.(2) Shao's dispute case over demolition involved both the bequest (the decedent directly left the property to the grandson) and the interests of demolition. Finally, Lawyer Zhang persuaded the judge earnestly and let the judge accept the plaintiff's point of view slowly. The judge recognized the effectiveness of the family agreement and the effectiveness of all parties to the family agreement and its implementation, thereby Lawyer Zhang helped Shao win all the demolition benefits finally.(3) In the divorce case of Huang, Lawyer Zhang helped the party reach the psychological expectations finally by getting the fault information of the other party in marriage and negotiating.

2. Lawyer Xintian Zhang has an English labor law blog, not only to provide labor law services for domestic workers, but also to provide related labor law services for foreign workers. Lawyer Zhang is also hired by foreign media to write for the labor law section.

Expertise: Corporate legal services, foreign investment, real estate disputes, contract disputes, criminal defense

Impact Case of the Year
Trademark infringement cases

In 2016, Lawyer Xintian Zhang represented Shanghai Xunmei Automobile Maintenance Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Xunmei Company") in suing Baidu Inc and Beijing Youyishou Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Youyishou Company"), because Youyishou Company fraudulently used the trademark of Xunmei Company and infringed the registered trademark of Xunmei Company in the process of Baidu bidding promotion. The court finally ruled that Youyishou Company should bear the liability for trademark infringement compensation to Xunmei Company.

Company bankruptcy liquidation

In August, 2015, Lawyers Xintian Zhang and Haibo Zhou led the lawyer team to take charge of the bankruptcy liquidation of Shanghai Kangfuda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., quickly disposed of Kangfuda's assets, and peacefully solved the problem of compensation for more than 40 employees. No employee disturbance happened, and they were praised by Taopu Town Government.

Working Languages: Chinese, English and Shanghai dialect

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